Are robbie and cat dating on victorious

(Jade stops while Beck is still inside, holding the doorknob. Inside, Beck lets go of the doorknob while he hears Jade's car leaving)Jade: (touches the guitar) Look! (in an Elvis Presley accent) I'm Elvis Presley and i'm touching my guitar. I touched the boss' skull and now i'm touching my special guitar. (notices Beck holding her apron) Don't touch Mommy. After that, Tori, wearing a mustache and men clothes, enters)Tori: YOU GUYS! After a few seconds of silence, she stands on her knees and holds her hands out) April Fools! He then notices the audience and immediately flees the room)Andre: (grabs her and shakes her in the air) HOW CAN YOU THINK ABOUT A POP QUIZ WHEN WE'RE AT WAR?!?

Ponnie says she came after Tori because she got expelled to make room for her.

Unless they'll reveal a "Hollywood Arts University", what will they do? Or is Dan plotting to make Cat and Jade a couple, which will stir up controversy amongst the idiots that still live in the 1900's and can't accept that homosexuality is nothing taboo, then it will end up knocked off the network? (seemed like the doctors wanted her to stay for quite a while...) and after dealing with Rex why diden't her friends go looking for her? During How Trina Got In in both Andre's and Sikowitz's version of the story Sinjin is already enrolled in Hollywood Arts, and he says he's been here for a year.

Lack of episode time I suppose but not knowing what happened isn't cool! If Trina is a senior now, that would make Sinjin in his fifth year at Hollywood Arts. You'd think with all the times she attempted to murder her friends and other cases of Disproportionate Retribution, she'd be either expelled or in jail.

These two characters are sometimes linked together because they are picked on more than the other characters.

Since the show started, Robbie and Cat have been good friends, nice to each other, and have gotten along well for the most part.

Are robbie and cat dating on victorious