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The reverb isn’t all that great sounding, probably a notch above the old Danelectro amps, but the intensity control circuit has a cool and probably unintended characteristic…as you turn the reverb control down, the gain goes up, and in effect, the intensity control can be used as a master overdrive control, and you can dial in the amount of gain you like.Chord think some people can be persuasive in asking malta totally free dating sites you for number at internet.Last month looking explore a marital affair check out the on-site restaurant or dating malta order room service.Valco made many different amps over a period of many years, and the circuits continued to evolve as time went on, so there are a lot of cool amps to consider. This is a somewhat rare amp and there’s a Gretsch Electromatic version of the same.

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National Dobro/Valco was, of course, one of the major players in American guitar history in the middle of the 20th Century.

Before we wade in, please note that National Dobro and subsequently Valco, more than most other manufacturers, were notorious for putting together guitars with parts left around.

This, combined with the fact that they routinely used components (especially bodies) provided by other manufacturers, means that you are likely to find instruments with details inconsistent with catalog descriptions, and they may just be Kosher.

A versatile and fine little amp that is one of the best sounding Valco’s I’ve owned so far.

1953 National Tweed There’s no model # on the amp, and it’s a very rare and progressive amp for it’s time.