I think i was dating a sociopath

the self-censorship and resulting harm to open dialogue that can occur as a result. One thing that I learned in therapy is that everyone (1) is at a different stage than you (emotional, psychological, educational, etc.) and (2) that people can go through the stages in different orders, different ways, and prompted by different experiences than you did.

To insist that other people go through their own progression at your pace, in your order, or in your way is just a denial of the realities of psychology.

Most of these critiques fall under the category of the solution being worse than the problem, e.g.

People can rarely make a lasting meaningful change in the moment.

You can demand that they start doing or being something or stop doing or being another thing, but they are not psychologically capable of meeting your demand in that moment (although there is longterm hope because there is almost always possibility for real, meaningful, and lasting change in that area if they are open and committed to seeking it).

At it's core, it uses the unwieldy weapon of mob mentality to enforce social norms, particularly those that its adherents believe have moral significance.

Never mind that there is no universal morality, but rather that beliefs about morality are closely tied to such varied inputs as religion, culture, upbringing, genetics, etc.