Nia vardalos and john corbett dating

Still working in her parents' Greek restaurant, Toula Portokalos' daughter, Paris, is growing up.

People think it was a real porn flick, and I really was a caterer.

The 52-year-old actress posted a pic of herself with shirtless co-star John Corbett, who played her love interest in the original 2002 film.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nia Vardalos “Is someone trying to get baptized again in #My Big Fat Greek Wedding2?

In her new book "Instant Mom" that's coming out on April 2, 2013 we -- finally -- get to experience a serious side of Vardalos. I know you've been asked about a sequel many, many times. People next to me at Starbucks would say, "hey, let me tell you my idea" and I'd be like "hey, I'm just trying to get a cup of coffee." I never thought much about it. If they don't "do it," then they'll have chemistry on camera.

When I caught up with Vardalos last week, she talked about the adoption of her daughter, her long-time marriage to actor Ian Gomez and plans for a sequel to "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." First of all, does it seem like 10 years since you did "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" -- or does it seem like yesterday? But then when John (Corbett) and I recently sat down to do that interview (for the 10th anniversary edition), we laughed so hard through the whole thing. I don't think I've ever seen a photo of you when you aren't smiling. I did go through a bit of a dark time during the years I was trying to be a mom. I feel that the industry can be sliced into two categories -- grateful actors and non-grateful actors.