Reasons why online dating works

If you are one of the few who can’t seem to get a hang of this phenomenon, here’s why.

Though by using a web cam you can see the guy you are chatting to, it just doesn’t give you the feel of being in the company of someone.

Online dating could be an in thing, but you just don’t think it’s safe.

In the past, you would have to meet someone out and about or be introduced to them through someone you knew personally.

Although the initial meeting may have been a good one, you were left with plenty of unanswered questions: And the list goes on and on. I may be biased, but I tend to think that there are reasons why online dating isn’t working for you.

This is easily one of my top reasons why online dating isn’t working for you.

Do yourself a favor if you don’t have any pictures – take out your phone, snap a selfie, and upload it. This was a pet peeve of mine when I was involved in online dating (luckily, my story had a happy ending, and I hope yours does too! I remember mentioning sports in my profile and what teams I liked yet there were always at least one or two guys who asked me what teams I cheered for.