Theory and dating and love

I read dozens of studies about love, how people connect and why they do or don’t stay together.

Miguel plays games, hides his true intentions, and manipulates women to stay in a relationship with him.

Tyler also had photos of his classmates hanging in his room — and, as he stood staring at them, he took down Alex's picture after he recalled an incident in which Alex stuck up for him.

So, I don't quite buy the theory that he shot Alex — the only scenario in which he have been involved is if the troubled teen asked him for help committing suicide and Tyler mistakenly believed he was doing the right thing and saw it as a way to put Alex out of his misery.

We women have been sold the lie for so long that we have no power in relationships - and Evan turns that lie around and gives you your power back.

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The first girl, he said, was “a little too tall,” and the second girl was “a little too short.” Then he met my mom. Let’s look at how I do things, maybe with a slightly less important decision, like the time I had to pick where to eat dinner in Seattle when I was on tour last year.Your chance to have your very own birthchart wheel and introductory interpretation into your very own horoscope! See how the name you were given at birth dictates your destiny and your personality.The map of the planets, their influences on your life and how the planets make you what you are! Try your FREE numerology profile or a 30 day forecast -- you'll be amazed!Coming from a man who's had so much experience helping women in real life, who has so many success stories in his track record and has a distinctly masculine point of view is just so incredibly valuable. Although Netflix hasn't confirmed that Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” will happen, the series left viewers with plenty of unanswered questions. But a super dark “13 Reasons Why” Season 2 theory suggests that the show could go in a completely different — but equally disturbing — direction if it gets the green light.