Who is ramona from mob wives dating

Karen's return becomes explosive when she shows up at a party on loyalist, Renee Graaziano's, home turf.The Bitch is Back (air date: 2011-04-24) The showdown continues at Carla's birthday party as Renee and Karen both refuse to back down.While Karen rebuilds her old relationships on Staten Island, Renee clashes with her ex-husband and Drita receives shocking news from prison.Mob Bust (air date: 2011-05-01) When the Feds conduct the biggest mob bust in the history of organized crime, the fall out rocks Staten Island to its core and Renee's world starts to unravel.Jenn gave details on managing her close friendships with both Drita and Karen while being a producer on the reality show, as well, as behind-the-scenes secrets and stories about Big Ang, Love Majewski, Alicia Di Michele and more!

Karen was actually my friend, Karen Ramona, we grew up together since we were like 15 years old. We were in it from the family perspective, but then the guys we were growing up with were sorta like mobsters in training.viewers see Ramona Rizzo make a dramatic return on the next season?Unfortunately for her fans, that doesn’t seem likely. I was told a lot of lies, and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true…that’s one of the issues when we got together, that’s what we discovered.” since the third season, her childhood friend, Karen Gravano, returned for the fifth season after staying away for the fourth season. The two even partied together about two weeks ago for Ramona’s birthday.They had a ton of mutual friends including some of the street guys and wise guys from that era that they all hung around with.Carla was dating one, Renee was dating one [and] they all hung out at the club where all the guys were.